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Horwath HTL Assistance to the Contracting Authority

Assistance to the Contracting Authority

Developers, operators, sponsors and investors all rely on our impartial project analysis services.
Horwath HTL provides support throughout a wide range of project types:

  • Assisting in the development of hotel projects
  • Designing innovative tourism facilities and leisure activities
  • Assisting in the operational deployment of projects
  • Supporting local authorities during contractual procedures (outsourcing public services, etc.)
  • Finding operators and investors

Our programme recommendations serve both as a working basis for architects and as a guide for choosing the most appropriate brands and operators.
Horwath HTL provides:

  • Unique sectorial expertise in all aspects related to tourism, leisure facilities and the hotel industry.
  • An unrivalled combination of skills and expertise, provided by our 15 associates, directors and senior consultants
  • A strong sense of creativity, as shown by our permanent full-time team, our internal creativity laboratory — the Leisure Factory — and our close partnerships with a number of specialists.
  • An exclusive network linking together most stakeholders in the sector, in particular operators and partners.

Success Stories

  • Lac-Rose
    AMO / Projects Assistance, Territorial Development

    Project development and management assistance for the development of the Pink Lake Urban Project

    Project: Project development and management assistance for the development of the Pink Lake Urban Project

    Our solution: Programmation and economic feasability of building touristic, residential and leisure infrastructures in harmony with the territory.

    Implementation: Servicing works and operator selection will be carried out in the course of 2018.

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    Territorial Development

    Elaboration of a hotel development plan, Plaine de France area

    Project: Horwath HTL was appointed to complete a hotel development study for Plaine de France area.

    Solution: The study took into consideration territory objectives and challenges

    Implementation: Three phases: diagnosis of the current market environment, analysis of key success factors per zone, elaboration of a teaser addressed to hotel players.

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    Territorial Development

    Tourism development strategy for the city of Reims, France

    Project: The Reims-Champagne tourism office commissioned Horwath HTL to draw up a tourism development strategy and define an action plan for the city and its surroundings.

    Completion: Currently being implemented.

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  • Aquitaine
    Territorial Development

    2030/2040 prospective tourism study for the Aquitaine region with a specific focus on seaside and coastal tourism

    Project: To conduct a prospective analysis of the tourism development potential in the coastal area around Bordeaux.

    Our solution: Our study took into consideration possible synergies between beach tourism and wine tourism.

    Completion: Two action plans were developed based on the different possible scenarios and elected officials (one for the entire region and one just for the coastal area).

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    Strategic and Marketing Advice

    Belambra Clubs – Repositioning the product range and developing activities outside school holidays

    Project: To reposition the clubs within the market and to create new products and services aimed at boosting activity outside school holidays.

    Our solution: The project included the identification and implementation of new products and services.

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    AMO / Projects Assistance

    Assisting the development of Sainte-Croix wildlife park

    Project: To draw up a ten-year development plan and to provide annual assistance to the contracting authority to implement the operational aspects of the plan.

    Our solution: Formulate an atypical identity development strategy with a view to turning the park into both a national benchmark and a destination for short-term nature-immersive stays.

    Completion: We have continued to provide assistance to the park since 2012 in the implementation of the plan that we developed.

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  • village
    AMO / Projects Assistance

    Assistance provided to the contracting authority to create a living farm in Villages Nature

    Project: Develop a farm for recreational and educational use.

    Solution and implementation proposed by Horwath HTL: As part of this innovative project, we created an authentic dairy farm with 35 cows and a milk processing unit.

    Completion: The schedule was drawn up in 2011, then implemented over two stages in 2013 and 2014. The site is currently under construction and is scheduled to open to the public in early 2017.

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    Asset Management & Valuation

    Evaluation of seven hotels and five projects belonging to Azalaï Hotels in West Africa

    Project: To evaluate the portfolio held by Azalaï Hotels in preparation for opening up the group’s capital to investors.

    Solution and implementation: Our team performed market studies for all of the group’s sites, carried out a diagnosis for each existing hotel and evaluated all existing establishments and projects.

    Completion: Our team supported Azalaï Hotels throughout its fundraising efforts in 2015.

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    Strategic and Marketing Advice

    Commercial due diligence and market entry strategy for BERD in four cities in Morocco

    Project: To support the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in assessing the financial opportunities for developing a new chain of hotels.

    Solution and implementation: Our team assessed the validity of market opportunities in four Moroccan cities as part of an initial phase of development.

    Completion: Project completed in 2013.

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