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Horwath HTL Asset Management & Valuation

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Asset Management & Valuation

In our asset management role, we take an assertive position as owner representatives in order to maximise returns and asset values in the long term.

We offer detailed strategic recommendations on how to improve business performance and the value of your assets. Every one of our hotel experts has extensive operational experience, combined with a detailed understanding of the real estate and financial aspects of the sector, which enables them to provide complete solutions inspired by the most successful economic models in the industry.

Our hotel asset management services include:

  • Conducting a full property review
  • Qualifying existing and/or proposing FF&E and capital improvement/expenditure plans
  • Analysing, reviewing and negotiating annual budget/business plans
  • Providing management team oversight and on-going monitoring of cash flow and hotel operations
  • Recommending and helping to implement initiatives to optimise cash flow
  • Ensuring compliance with management contracts
  • Preparing and distributing required ownership reporting
  • Coordinating asset divestment processes

Creating and protecting real estate value

In addition to specialist hotel asset management, we also offer a full range of complementary services:

  • Operational advisory services
  • Implementation of repositioning strategies
  • Advice on sales, marketing and revenue management
  • Investment and divestment strategies
  • Selection of hotel management companies and assistance in contract negotiation
  • Due diligence

Sector-specific valuations

From single assets to portfolios spread across a number of national and/or international markets, Horwath HTL’s experts can provide independent market valuations.
We use a number of valuation techniques depending on the market and the asset under valuation, including:

  • The discounted cash flow (DCF) method, which is the hotel industry standard
  • The comparable method
  • The static method

Horwath HTL asset valuations are regarded as independent, expert opinions and are a pre-requisite for:

  • Private investors and investment funds – for acquisition and disposal of single assets or portfolios
  • Owners and developers – for contract preparation, financing and disposal of assets
  • Banks and financial institutions – for pre-mortgage reviews and in insolvency situations

Our valuation services include:

  • An assessment of the hotel premises and business assets
  • Business expertise during arbitration proceedings
  • Proceedings for accounting purposes – short-form valuations undertaken for a variety of investors, operators and owners
  • Advice on future value, following an assessment of the financial potential of new hotel developments, conversions and recovered existing assets
  • Assistance with rent reviews and lease renewals – acting on behalf of landlords and tenants as well as investors and insurers

Success Stories

  • Azalai
    Asset Management & Valuation

    Evaluation of seven hotels and five projects belonging to Azalaï Hotels in West Africa

    Project: To evaluate the portfolio held by Azalaï Hotels in preparation for opening up the group’s capital to investors.

    Solution and implementation: Our team performed market studies for all of the group’s sites, carried out a diagnosis for each existing hotel and evaluated all existing establishments and projects.

    Completion: Our team supported Azalaï Hotels throughout its fundraising efforts in 2015.

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